Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bwabwata National Park Namibia

Bwabwata.N.P. is 6,100sqkm. east Kavango/West Caprivi.The main features are the two rivers forming the western and eastern boundaries along with the riparian forests and floodplains. Bwabwata suffered heavily from poaching in the 70's and 80's,however wildlife numbers have recovered significantly since proper management has been implemented.MET has been relocating and restocking and the park is now a source of pride to the nation and a major attraction. Most mammal species are well represented with roan,sable,kudu,impala,reedbuck,Chobe bushbuck,red lechwe,sitatunga,giraffes,zebra,blue wildebeest large aggregations'of elephant at times and buffalo.Hippo and crocodile flourish in the rivers and predators inclide lion,leopard,cheetah hyaena and African wild dog. Both rivers provde breeding habitats for wetland birds such as the endangered Wattled Crane and African Skinner.Other species that also occur are the African Wood Owl,Pel's Fishing Owl,Western Banded Snake Eagle,Narina Trogon,Grey-headed Parrot and Red and Yellow-billed Oxpecker.


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