Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Preparation for The Argus Cycle Tour,meet the team

I am on schedule with my training regimen for the worlds biggest bicycle race The Argus Cyle Tour,commonly known to us locals as The Argus (TA as I will refer to it,not to be confused with t and a which I'm sure there will be a lot of.)

I think I have acclimatized now, am at 4100ft in Kafue National Park where a lot of the worlds extreme athletes train.Would like to thank all my team members that have got me to do this, without your advise and encouragement and sponsorship this would not have been possible.Since my 'good' friend Debbie Harvey ridiculed my masculinity at attemmting this race by saying I could hook on to her Marathon Man husbands bicycle with my three wheeler and he can tow me all the way,cause I don't know how to ride a bicycle and basically am a retard.Debbie has seen me once in 30 years and is unaware that I have feelings to , where I don't know,but I am a pretty sensitive,emotional woes.

I have assembled a paleton of the best in the business, with my personal Dr.Sylvia Owens who will be flying out from the USA for the race to monitor my athletic ability,or the lack thereof, and most importantly my wife who is at home working, hopefully,on raising funds and sponsorship money.My lawyer Peter Leander is handling all my future contracts and court battles and Debbie Harveys slanderous remarks,will be litigated by him.Almost forgot my personal chef and dietician Enry Kayombo Kayawe,my diet has already toned me down around my girth that I can now able to wear my riding spandex pants that I guess, is now in vogue.

I will be going into Livingstone next week to pick up my custom built bike.Zambia is a beautiful place to train and a lot of bush tracks and dirt roads with poachers and lions waiting in ambush and scare the living daylightf out of you.
I will be doing my first big race in January The Livingstone to Vic Falls International Invitational Bike Race, as a warm up to TA.

Team pictures will be posted shortly.

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  1. This is really scary, Roy. Maybe you should just have another beer.