Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trip to Itezhi Tezhi

Did you know.....Zambia has 72 different languages and English is the official one.They just had elections here 2 months ago and now President Sata was sworn in the next day,while the ousted president was on his way to South Africa to escape imprisonment for corruption,what a surprise!

Corruption is the name of the game,you can bearly speak to a black person without them asking for something.Yesterday I was taking a photo of a bridge under 6 months of construction,when 2 fellas wanted to be in the shot and then asked if he could have my sunglasses.
Drove up to Itezhi Tezhi again which is 80km,2 1/2hr drive on just a lovely road,on entering Ngoma had to wait for the little baby elephants to finish playing by the road side,as usual got some brilliant shots,for me that is.After transporting 15 people into town from the village,I picked up David the guide, and we headed back.Had to stop for a heard of 16 elephants with there newborns,this time I really got some good shots,also 6 Roan and some waterbuck.

Had a Xmas party for the staff where we had a braai with some mielie pap and wors and they were given some food hampers and clothes,which if anyone of you reading this has clothes for any age group,they would appreciate anything.

The waiter,Henry has 15 days off,so he left today on his 43km walk home,that's not to bad,worse yet he has TWO wives awaiting him!Am sure tonight he will be very,very tired.We are heading to Livingstone tomorrow which is 6hrs away,will spend the night and then pick up supplies and head back.


  1. Ok Roy time to figure out how to put all these great photos in the blog man !!!