Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Poaching Season has Begun.

Did you know.... Kafue National Park is 22400km,sq. 4th largest park in the world.
Animals: Elephant,Hippo,Buffalo,Zebra,Wildebeest,Eland,Sable,Roan,Kudu,Hartebeest,Waterbuck,Lion,Leopard,Cheetah,Hyena,Impala,Puku,Red Lechwe,Warthog,Wild Dog,Bushpig,crocodile,Bushbuck.

There are 19 Natinal parks that cover 30%of Zambia,752 600km.sq.

Yesterday at 7am there were 2 high powered gunshots heard from here which we reported,then they send out the anti poaching patrol,armed with AK47's.A month ago an elephant was poached about 3km from this camp.Now with the rainy season it escalates dramatically and the anti-poaching squad of ten will live in the camp and patrol from here.

Went on an evening game drive and saw Reedbuck,Waterbuck,Impala,Kudu,Warthog,Orib and then the grand daddy,an elephant,they are just magnifcient animals,had a large set of tusksand was all alone. Got some spectacular photos,as you can see.Have had 2 days with no rainand blue skies.Have guests arriving tomorrow so I have to get to work.

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