Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Argus Tour Update

Went to Livingstone to pick up my bike last week,not surprising it was not quite what I thought I was getting,communication problems I guess.I did a reckon of the Livingstone to Victoria Falls International Invitational Race route where I was once again mobbed by some ladies,how come the white girls don't mob me or ever want there picture with me?

My training now has been amped up now with The Argus only ten weeks away and me having the bicycle to ride,things are looking up.Safety is my number one concern and as you can see I feel pretty safe around here with my fellow cyclists in the paleton.

Debra Ward-Ables husband Greg who is like an all round super extreme ultra marathoner,has completed the race in the top 10 for the last 18 years,so I am told,the last time we competed against each other was in 1984 where we both qualified for the Nationals of The Charles Glass competition,and he smoked me and won the whole thing,like he does with most the things he enters.The rivalry goes back a long ways,well he better keep a close eye behind him cause I just may take up Debbies offer and hook on behind him,if my training falters any.Greg if you can maybe give me some pointers to work on,that would be nice.The bike needs a little work probably but other than that am good to go............

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