Monday, January 30, 2012

Train Trip Vic Falls - Durban

Got my train ticket from Vic Falls to Bulawayo 1st Class for $12 and is 450km.What a deal.Then went to Vic Falls Hotel for my usual Crocodile Tail and pasta with a cold Zambezi.Then went to board the train,which is right at the hotel,and it left on time at 7pm.Had no lights on the train nor water and the toilet was unusable,but the steward did come around to make my bed with linens dated 1997,so they had a few stains and holes,big deal.Went down to the dining car in darkness and the barmen had a candle and for 59c got a luke warm coke,the beers were a dollar,was nothing else you could get.The coach was built in 1951 and was all wood and am sure was the 'Rovo's'in the day,which actually had just left before us,from Cape Town to Dar-es-Salaam which will cost you $16 000 per person!

The train made over 65 stops and we arrived at noon,3 hours late.I was the only mazunga on the train.Could not get a ticket for the train to Maputo in 1st class and 2nd class was brutal for a 2 night trip,so caught the bus to Johannesburg (16hrs\$30) which had no AC and then on to Durban(8hrs\$25)on a real nice bus.Went to my favourite cousins house,and I smelt like Dingaan's crutch after the war dance,no shower for 3 days,not a pleasant odour.Bella his wife,prepared us a lekker braai and Graham did do something,now I remember,yelled at Bella to get some more beer,just like any good South African husband would!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Assignment is Done.Train to Maputo tomorrow.

Brad and Ruth have returned to camp so I will be leaving tomorrow.Unfortunately they did not show up on time and were buried in the same spot as I was when I came back last week, except they were there for 7 hours until I arrived which is 43km away.Got back into camp at 11pm and had dinner and into bed at 1pm.

Tomorrow I will head to Livingstone and walk through the border into Victoria Falls,Zimbabwe.Then get a train at 7pm to Bulawayo and then another train from there to Mozambique where you climb out and board the Mozambuiquan train for Maputo,arriving Friday morning at 6am African Time.Hitch through Swaziland into Durban by Friday night.Dream on................

Zambezi River Raft Trip - 22nd Dec.2011

That's the bridge the bunggeeless jumper jumped off and thats where the rafting trip starts at the Boiling Pot.

Saturday, January 21, 2012