Monday, January 23, 2012

Assignment is Done.Train to Maputo tomorrow.

Brad and Ruth have returned to camp so I will be leaving tomorrow.Unfortunately they did not show up on time and were buried in the same spot as I was when I came back last week, except they were there for 7 hours until I arrived which is 43km away.Got back into camp at 11pm and had dinner and into bed at 1pm.

Tomorrow I will head to Livingstone and walk through the border into Victoria Falls,Zimbabwe.Then get a train at 7pm to Bulawayo and then another train from there to Mozambique where you climb out and board the Mozambuiquan train for Maputo,arriving Friday morning at 6am African Time.Hitch through Swaziland into Durban by Friday night.Dream on................

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  1. ok, so maybe the whole living in a hut thing isnt as bad as its cracked up to be? hahaha. nice Roy!! :)