Friday, January 20, 2012

Pick 'n Pay Argus Cycle Tour 50 days to go

Well only 50 days left till we line up in Cape Town for one of the most scenic cycle races in the world.My training in Zambia has not gone as planned due to the weather and bicycle parts hard to come by.
Have 4 people from the US coming out for the race and my brother and his son and my cousin is going to join me as well.Don't know why I have to shave my legs,but have gotten one done and will be going for a bikini wax when I get to Cape Town,which an old friend of mine use to do hope she still does.I should be pretty aerodynamic by then and every bit helps with the bicycle I have.As you can see the pedals don't have those gizmo's for clip in takkies,thank goodness and is not exactly designed for high speed or comfort.

Here are some pictures of me on my Lance Armstrong 37lb. carbon fibre bicycle with some of my riding mates in Zambia.

Punctures suck a friend helps me fix it in Itezhi Tezhi

Bicycle Shop at Koloma and happy to help fix my wheel.

In Livingstone near Taita Falcon,rough road and tough terrain.

Getting my spokes torqued

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