Friday, January 6, 2012

These feet are made for Walking

The staff at the camp will work 6 weeks every day and then take 2 or whatever weeks off and go back to their village.Boyd Sumunzi and Doubt Kayuma both live in Shezongo Village 45km away.They left before the rains came so it was a pretty straight forward walk on the dirt track.

While they were relaxing at home watching their wives till the field and plant the corn,the rains came.On the 31st December they had to walk back to camp which proved a little more challenging with no track to follow and water everywhere.It took them 9hrs to walk back to camp which was not to bad considering they walked for 7hrs in water with no shoes or Teva's.But for 5hrs they walked in water up to their armpits as indicated in the picture.The only other obstacle was encountering a herd of elephants which slowed them down a bit but in the dry seaon it is much more dangerous with the lion and leopard at dusk and dawn.

They were not the life and soul of the New Year's eve party as they sipped on their coke's slumped on the sofa somewhat tired understanably.Boyd and Collins(who has 2 wives) leave on the 13th January to go back to their village for 3 weeks.

So for all those that walked to school for miles barefoot back in the day,please hush,cause now you can rest comfortably knowing that other people still have to walk barefoot,but to work!

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