Sunday, January 1, 2012

Namibia - Botswana - Zimbabwe

I was going to go back the way I came through Zambia,but Lee wanted to see an elephant,so I said I could take through Chobe and into Zimbabwe to Vic Falls if he paid for the border crossings which he readily agreed to and petrol. We departed Caprivi River Lodge just after 10am on the B8 for 65km. to the Ngoma Border Post which cost N$350.Went 2km.and we enterd Chobe (US$45)and then travelled along the Chobe River for 53km and we saw elephant,and spent hours just watching them plaing in the mud.Came across some giraffe and buffalo and lots of dung beatles that enjoy the elephants droppings and rolls it into little balls and pushes it to his destination.Arrived in Kazangula at 5:30,where there was a truck line 5km long on both sides of the road waitng to get on the ferry,which takes one truck at a time to Zambia.Only one ferry is working, the other two are broken and the chap said it will take 3-4 weeks to cross and on the Zambin side they que was 2km long. We headed down the road to the Zim Border,which has gone high tech now and have a computer, where Lee had to pay $55US for his visa,uncle Bob doesn't like the pomme's anymore.Drove another 70km to the Victoria Falls Hotel,which I swear I am going to stay at one day,it is in a magnificient setting overlooking the Falls in the distance.We sat on the veranda at the same spot I sat at back in May and and we chugged some cold Zambezi's.The place was packed with tourists,I ordered my usual Crocodile tale in Cajun sauce with lemon and garlic pasta, and with elephant ear smothered in monkey gland sauce as horse'd oeveurs.We woofed that down with a few more cold one's and with the room rates at $400 a night we moved on,most places were full and we ended up at a fine establishment The Shoestring Backpackers. The music was so loud,our room was two bunks, we were on top and two girls on the bottom,it was just lovely,the music pounded till 1am. I was up at 5:30 and bailed out of there.I convinced Lee to go rafting so they came to pick him up at 7am and off I went to cross the Victoria Falls Border Post over the bridge and back into Livingstone,Zambia. Real easy and quick to get through both borders and Zimbabwe did not have all the fees they had in May,well you just paid in one place one time and it was a lot easier.

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