Monday, March 12, 2012

Argus Cycle Tour

The day finally arrived and what a magnificent day it was in Cape Town.It was 35deg.C and no wind or a cloud in the sky,the scenery was spectacular as three quarters of the race is alongside the ocean.It was a fun time and I did not walk one step of the way,managed to make it over Chappies and Suikerbossie,the crowd helping you along the way,it was quite something.Was very well organized and you left on time,7:34 we departed and it took me 5hrs 15min.Will post some pictures here shortly with my official placing and time which I am waiting on.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Augrabies Falls - Fish River Canyon - Ai-Ais - Springbok

Feb.5th: Ficksburg,Ladybrand,Bloemfontein,Jagersfontein,Fauresmith,Koffiefontein,Luckhoff,Van derKloof Dam.

Feb.6th: Then went to Orania,Hopetown,Douglas,Campbell and sent night at Groblershoop which is on the Orange River.

Feb.7th: To Kalkwerf,Grootdrink,Karos,Dagbreek,Upington,Keimos,Kakamas to Augrabie Falls where we camped in the National Park.Baking hot,viewed the falls,well worth seeing.

Feb.8th: To Pofadder,Pella where I drove bike to the river and Rocky tried to make river crossing and got stuck.We were buried for 10 hours and took a tractor and 12 of us to get out and that was at 11pm.

Feb:9th: Back to Pofadder and up to Onseekpans/Velloordrif border crossing into Namibia then went to Karasburg,Satco,Kanus,Grunau,Klein Karas to Hobas which is at the Fish River Canyon for the night.

Feb.10th: Fish River Canyon is the second largest caoyon in the world and quite spectacular.Then drove 80km. down to Ai-Ais and the landscape is arid,vast,dry and underscibably beautiful.Camped alongside river for the night.

Feb.11th; crossed back into SA on a pontoon at Sendlingsdrif, where the Namibian Police searched the van thoroughly looking for diamonds.The paper towel in my pants which I blow my nose on was torn open for inspection.Drove on to Alexander Bay where the Orange River exits into the Atlantic Ocean.The whole area is diamond mines and along the last 120km of the river.Drove down to Port Nolloth where we camped on the beach.

Feb.12th: Went to Springbok which is 140km inland and camped there and did maintenance to the vehicle.

Monday 13th February: I departed for Windhoek,Namibia and said goodbye to Rocky and Jeff "The Jaw" after 3022km. I tried to hitch and no one picked me up so crossed the highway and hitched to Cape Town.A huge International 26wheeler picked me up and took me all the way 555km to Cape Town.Then one more ride from an American and I was at Cape Town Station and caught the train to heathfield and walked to my brothers house only to find him not at home.