Saturday, January 14, 2012

Victoria Falls from Zambia

These are the views from the Zambian side,you walk for maybe a half km.wheras on the Zim side it is probably 1km and is the better side to view from.Park at the Zambezi Sun Hotel and walk through the hotel to the falls and avoid all the touts,it will take an hour at most.The water has risen a bunch since Dec 22nd and they don't do Devil's Pool swim and the rafting starts at Rapid 10 now.And of course they have installed a new rope now for bungee jumping as the other one snapped on the 31st Dec'11 but the girl did survive with only bruises as I am sure you have all seen the video by now.I spoke to the guys at the jump and they say it was just an accident!They kept it hushed up here as long as they could and won't release there video footage of it.They reckon now more people are going to want to come jump here and it will not be negative,go figure.


  1. Hey roy
    Check this out...
    We are back, some quick pics of the trip at

    Looks like lots of pics of Beer on your Blog!!!
    How much longer you got in Africa?
    Bought a lodge yet???

  2. Roy these photos are amazing!! You truly have the gift of making someone feel like they are experiencing it all with you. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Thanks Lori, Glad to see somebody is at least looking at them,and you especially.National Geographic did'nt hire me just for my good looks you know.Try telling my wife how gifted I am! Keep well.