Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zambezi River Rafting

Woke up at sparrow fart and decided to go rafting,before I heard another scary story about it and then chicken out.Luckily there was one spot open,so drove down to 'The Waterfront'which is a campground on the Zambezi and does the rafting.After signing my life away,and this is a perfect time for Charmain to cash in on that life policy she took out on me.She really pushed me to go,come to think of it!
We all hopped on the lorry and motored to the falls and hiked down to 'The Boiling Pot',directly under the bridge.We all had helmets and life jackets strapped real tight and was told that"we will pop up and to hold your breath for awhile". Potato was the captain,and when I jokingly asked him how many people he had lost,he grimaced and said in '96 he lost an Australian guy 51yrs old,once again my sarcasm got me.

We shoved off and were on our way down the Zambezi,we make the first rapid but the raft behind does not and they are all out,I haul in one of them a young girl who is hysterical and keeps asking about her mothers safety,who only had one arm.The mom was fine and I calmed her down and she got back into her raft.
The 300ft tall gorge is narrow and runs for 250km.till it flattens off and is a very impressive sight looking up the rock faces and everything is so,so green.We are doing 10 rapids except for no.9 cause it is a class 6 which is the top of the scale for rapids I am told,all the others are 5 class fives,and 3 class 4.I was the only guy rowing an oar as usual and the crew did not listen to me and we flipped 3 times,and Mashed Potato was loving it.It felt like I had an enema,you just go and pop up and grab for someone or the raft,and they have kayakers following you as well so it is pretty safe I guess.The class 5 waves are unreal,they are huge,how we didn't tip on everyone is a miracle.

Potato took the raft down rapid 9 on his own and did not flip so did the other guides,while we walked around it and got back in ,and made our last rapid like pro's.We then had to scramble up the gorge which was real steep in the baking hot sun,onto the lorry for the long,bumpy ride back down to the lodge.We had lunch and watched the video's and then I departed at 14:00hrs for Namibia.
That was the mother of all raft trips,rafting in a pink raft down the Flathead River is still fun though,Bruce! It was scary,but there was no time to be scared,when you went over,it was a white blurr and bubbles and every orifice was packed with water.

Raft trip: $125
Video& Photo CD: $60

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  1. Pictures will be posted here in the near futur, my computer does not take CD's.They are the one's I bought from the raft co. and are amazing shots, so please check it out later