Sunday, December 18, 2011


Mosi-oa-Tunya,means The Smoke that Thunders which is what the Victoria Falls was called by the natives that discovered it.It is one and a half km.long and 102m drop and is a World Heritage site and one of the seven wonders of my world.

Was here last May when it was full pool and was awe struck at the volume of water flowing over the edge and the sound of it roaring in the canyon below,words cannot describe such a magnificent site.The downfall is that there is so much spray it makes viewing difficult,but now and again the mists drop and you can have a quick koekeloer.This obviously makes photography difficult,but fortunately with my eagle eye and natural ability, was able to take some stunning photos capturing the essence and power of this majestic wonder.

I had to travel down to Livingstone last week,which is 280km away,of which 180 are on
sand tracks and mud and gravel roads.Was hosted by Steve and Gail at the Waterberry Lodge,which is 20km from Livingstone on the banks of the Zambezi.The attention to detail is quite remarkable,the gardens and lawn are manicured to perfection and the cottages are pristine,amazing attention to detail like the beds have some flowers on and welcome spelled out on little bamboo sticks and the toilet paper is folded with a little feather on top,I don't know if it was meant to be used for anything else???

After having several Mosi's on the veranda overlooking the Zambezi listening to the hippo's snorting we went for dinner and had a 5 course scrumptious meal,with a few more Mosi's to wash it down.To end the evening in true African fashion we sipped on an Amarula Liquer,which doesn't take long,which is what makes it the 2nd most sold liquor in the world.That does not surprise me with the way South Africans consume alcohol!Then I retired to bed where the mosquito net had been folded down and the sheets pulled back i drifted off to sleep with the hippo's still blowing away.

Up at six and was lucky to catch a 2hr river cruise amongst some hippo's,the crocs were obviously sleeping in cause they were nowhere to be seen.Brad and Ruth the managers I am sitting in for,left from there to South Africa via Kazangulo which is just up the road but only has one of three ferries working!You got to be happy with that,this is Africa.


I then went and did the most craziest thing in my life,don't know if it was the Amarula kicking in or the African air.I went where no man should go.
Swimming 110ft across from the edge of the Victoria Falls,but 40ft from the edge,and the current was fairly strong and washed you towards the falls about 25ft,to a rock outcropping,We then scrambled up onto the rocks which is 15 ft from the edge,where we proceeded to jump into Devil's pool which is 8ft from the edge,but when you surface and your little balding airhead pops out of the water,and you are now breathing very heavily,due to having no brains,you are 2ft from a 102meter drop to certain death.

It is inconceivable that anybody can be this stupid.It was absolutely amazing though,I then proceeded to the very edge,laying flat I lent over the edge,safely of course,it is even scarier now thinking back on it.What an exhilarating feeling,your heart(yip and I do have one due to contrary belief)just goes nuts and your insides go to mush,words can't describe the feeling and thrill and excitement being that close and lying over the falls looking down.Your innards feel like they have been flushed,well it was a fantastic experience and probably not for the faint hearted.

The pool itself as you can see in the photo's is maybe 10ft in diameter and if you go too far right you will get washed over the falls,so after jumping in,and then surfacing knowing you are are mere feet away from the edge and not to go too far right was a little scary.You have just got to come and do it and see for yourself,so sorry Charmain that life insurance policy you took out on me,you can cancel now.Want to do the rafting down the Zambezi,it is rated as one of the scariest raft rides in the world.You got to have trust.

We then had to swim back,upstream and then you are washed downstream swimming with a purpose like you can't believe,you end up on the bank,safe and sound.Then had lunch on the little island with a couple of beers and then got on the boat and motored back to dry land of the Zambezi shores,body still in shock mode.

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