Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Leaving for Katima Mulilo,Namibia tomorrow for Xmas

Was invited down to Katima for Xmas by Keith and Mary Rooken-Smith who own the Caprivi River Lodge on the banks of the Zambezi.When I was there 2 1/2 years ago I happen to bump into this guy 3 times in one day on the Caprivi starting off in Rundu.

Decided to take the back road through a national park and low and behold I hit a cow,Charmain was beside me,yes the cow was outside on the road.Wasn't my fault either, the kids were in the back,strapped into their seats and Brandon was throwing a tantrum and Justin kept on "Are we there yet?".So I turned around to belt them(that's legal over here)and the next second I had Charmain yelling at me,far to late to warn me about the upcoming showdown,but I did manage to break heavily and swerve, which you should never do on a gravel road.And then kadaboom,kadabim the cow did a perfect 10 spiralette up in the air,with a little help from the bull bar,briefly rolled on the bonnet and then onto the dirt road,got up and ran away.With my lightning reflexes I jumped out to check on the cow which ran into the bushes,now my whole family was outside surveying the tragic scene they caused.Luckily the cow was fine and he only lost a horn which we quickly gathered up before we were caught red handed and put into one of those big black pots and boiled alive by the native herdsmen.

The bull bar saved the front end mostly and the bonnet was somewhat wrinkled no worse than Charmain's face when she gives you the hairy eyeball.So we pulled into Katima late afternoon,stopped at a shop to have a drink and find some luxurious accomadation for my traumatized family,and the same guy I saw in Rundu walks up to me and asks what happened and I said "I hit a cow" and then he came back with "you know cows have the right of way here" I was kinda taken aback.Anyhow we mosied along to the lodge and this guy is following me the whole way,and into the Caprivi River Lodge,which he owns!

They were fully booked,just as well and he didn't speak to me there and I had no idea who he was.We checked in at another fine establishment on the riverfront,and could finally relax with a cold Windhoek,just another day in Africa,safe and sound.


I am here at Nanzhila Safari Camp and this guy comes here for 2 days cause he is mates with Brad and Ruth and it is the same guy that gave me crap about hitting the cow.This guy had been stalking me and now he has found me again! Had a great time and many laughs with him and Mary and they were gracious enough to invite me for Xmas,so long story short that's where I will be for awhile and no Internet service.
So have a Merry Xmas my friends and godspeed.

Photos of my Landi Disco before and after and during!

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