Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lesotho - South Africa - Namibia Trip

Left Durban on Thursday 2nd February for Lesotho.Went up Sani Pass was engulfed in mist,most scary drive going up the pass,it is just rocks and tight switchbacks and extremely steep.The conditions were dreadful but made it up to the highest pub in Africa.Continued to Black Mtn.the highest road point in Africa and then camped alongside the the road.(210km totalfor the day)
Left at 6am for Katse Dam, the roads were real bad and the bike had to be sinched down several times,but the scenery is spectacular through the passes,which are one after the other some as long as 10km which 'ufudu' did not particularly enjoy and got a little hot under the bonnet.Stayed at a campsite overlooking the Katse Dam,$2.50 a night.(235km)
Left there this morning and crossed back into SA and went to Bethlehem for some exhaust repairs and then to Ficksburg where we are camping $6 for the three of us!(170km)
Tomorrow we head to somwhere and should be on the Orange River.

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  1. I am completely green with envy, Rooikop.
    At least I rode my bicycle today... it was 25F degrees (-4C). Are you ready to ride the Argus??